Submitting a Manuscript

At Workplay Publishing we are just as interested in helping new writers learn the ropes as we are in publishing outstanding fiction and nonfiction. A few steps of preparation can go a long way to getting your manuscript noticed and accepted:
  1. Once you finish your manuscript for the first time, let it sit in a drawer or cupboard for several weeks. Fresh eyes will catch mistakes and plot holes that you wouldn't want test readers to find for you.
  2. Give your manuscript to as many and varied test readers you can rely on to report back to you in an honest and timely manner. If your test readers never finish, try to find out where and why they stopped reading.
  3. Reread your final draft from cover to cover "for fun" one last time before submitting it to an agent, editor, or publisher. Always keep in mind that your readers must have at least as much fun with the story as you do.
When you are prepared to submit your manuscript for review, please post a brief query letter and synopsis of your manuscript, along with the first 1000 words, in the window below. Whether we accept your manuscript or not, you can count on helpful, personalized feedback on all aspects of your submission. Workplay Publishing reserves the right to reject a submission or manuscript for any reason.
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