Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workplay Publishing?

Workplay Publishing is a small company that provides talented writers with an affordable and professional means of self publishing their books, as well as personal feedback and support at any stage of the writing process.

Who prints books published by Workplay Publishing?

All of our books are printed by Lightning Source, Inc. LSI is the Print on Demand division of Ingram Book Company, which is the largest wholesale book distributor in the world.

What is Print on Demand (POD)?

Print on Demand means that your book will be printed in runs of anywhere from 1-10,000 copies at a time and shipped directly to buyers. This process keeps the initial costs of publication very low, and the environmental impact is also much smaller because there are no gigantic stores of your book sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold.

Will self publishing my book destroy my chances at mainstream publication?

Not at all. Self publishing has become a large and legitimate part of the mainstream marketplace. In fact, self published books that sell well are regularly picked up by larger publishers.

Can Workplay Publishing provide me with a literary agent?

No. We are not a literary agency, and we are not directly affiliated with any mainstream agents, publicists, editors, or publishing houses

Can Workplay Publishing help me improve my manuscript?

Yes. Our submission process is designed to provide authors with personalized feedback in developing a manuscript and/or the nuts and bolts of strong writing.

Does Workplay Publishing charge a reading fee to review my submission?

No. Reading fees are red flags in the publishing world. You should never pay anyone simply to read a query letter or manuscript.
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