Steps to Publication

Below are the six steps you and your manuscript must complete before final publication through Workplay Publishing.
  1. Submission—We read a synopsis and the first 1,000 words of your manuscript. Visit the “Submitting a Manuscript” page of our website for more details.
  2. Full readthrough—If your submission grabs our attention, we will request the full text of your manuscript. At this stage, most manuscripts still need some fine-tuning, so don’t be surprised if we request that you perform some large- or small-scale developmental editing before we proceed further, even if we like your manuscript.
  3. Copy Editing—This is the final coat of polish to be laid on your manuscript. We check for small errors in grammar or spelling, as well as isolated examples of unclear or confusing structures and erroneous facts.
  4. Design—We provide you with possible design templates for your book’s interior, and you can request specific design elements as well. Cover design is not included in our setup fees. It is available through our graphic designer at your own cost.
  5. Proof—After every aspect of the book is finalized, you will receive a bound copy to review before the first official printing. This is also the first opportunity for you to hold your published book in hand—an absurdly thrilling moment.
  6. Publication—Your manuscript has made the transformation from a typed document into a professional, bound volume. You are now ready to begin the next important step of being an author: marketing your book.
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