Publishing Package

Workplay Publishing is dedicated to providing services that are of the highest quality and relevance to a self publishing author.  We understand that Workplay Publishing might not be the right place for your book, but if that is the case, we still urge you to find a company that offers similar options to the ones below*.


Authors at Workplay Publishing retain all future rights to their stories.  Any self publisher or vanity press that asks an author to give up future publishing rights (or film rights, etc) should be avoided.


All books published through Workplay Publishing receive a unique ISBN.  The ISBN is the 13 digit number that appears below the barcode on the back of a book.  An ISBN enables a book to be sold through major retailers such as and Barnes & Noble.


Workplay Publishing provides copy editing (spelling, grammar, and fact checking) for finished manuscripts immediately prior to publication.  No changes will be made for style or plot development.  A clean, professional manuscript makes a positive statement about both writer and publisher.

It should be noted that the author and publisher may have a different concept of a "finished" manuscript.  A draft with too many mistakes will be returned to the author for more careful self editing and resubmission.

Cover Design

Workplay Publishing welcomes author input about the front and back cover designs.  Services and fees for graphic design can be set up through our graphic designer.

Authors are also free to find their own graphic designers or even design their own covers.  In this case, Workplay Publishing will simply incorporate the author's cover design into our printing template prior to publication.

Proof Copy

After every aspect of the book is finalized, the author will receive a bound, printed proof copy to review before the first official printing.  This is also the first opportunity for a new author to have his or her published book in hand--an absurdly thrilling moment.

Interior Layout

Authors are welcome to request specific attributes of the interior layout of their books, such as placement of chapter numbers or titles.  All final textual layout will be completed by our graphic designer.


All books published through Workplay Publishing will also be available online in eBook format for one year.  Authors are welcome to extend the availability of eBooks after the initial year.

LSI Online Catalog

All books published through Workplay Publishing will appear in the LSI catalog for one year, which will make the book available through major retailers including and Barnes & Noble.

Cost of Publication

Print on Demand dramatically reduces the largest obstacle to publication: the initial cost.  Unfortunately, no kind of publication is free.  Workplay Publishing has streamlined the process so that our authors receive all of the benefits above, as well as a finely crafted book printed by Lightning Source, Inc for a setup cost of $549**.

 *More detailed descriptions of the above information are located in the Services Agreement given to authors prior to publication through Workplay Publishing.
**Based on a length of 250 pages.  Printing costs will vary depending on the length of the book.  Please e-mail us with any questions about our services or the cost of publishing.
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