Publishing Package

Workplay Publishing provides services of the highest quality and relevance to skilled, independently publishing authors.


Authors at Workplay Publishing retain all future rights to their stories.


All books published through Workplay Publishing receive a unique ISBN, which enables books to be sold at retail. Our books are automatically available online at multiple major retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, upon publication.


Workplay Publishing provides copy editing (spelling, grammar, etc.) for finished manuscripts prior to publication. Developmental editing (plot, character, etc.) is a separate service not included in the publishing package.


Workplay Publishing designs manuscripts for print in a variety of common sizes and styles. Cover design is offered as an extra service, but authors are free to use their own designers as well.


After printing and distribution fees, Workplay Publishing retains $1.00 per book sold for the life of the book. All remaining profits are paid directly to the author on a quarterly basis.


Workplay Publishing charges a one-time setup fee of $699.00 for a prose book with a finished printing length of 250 pages or less, or $549 for a poetry book with a finished printing length of 125 pages or less. For higher page counts, an additional fee of $0.95 per page will be assessed due to increased hours for layout design and copy editing.